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Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Recovery Week? Uh, Don't Think So

So the 2.5-mile recovery run at lunch was awesome.  It took longer to get dressed for the run and re-dressed back for work than the run.  What a great way to spend a recovery week....and then I went to Master's swim...

~500m warm up before Wolfgang strolls in fashionably late as he seems wont to do lately.  16x25m blah blah blah....2x[7x100m] (wtf?) first 7 steady on 1:35, second 7 fast on 1:40 (again, wtf?).  More 25s.  6x100m on 1:35 (more ouch).  Some more 25s and pull the cover.

So much for a recovery week.


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