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Friday, February 20, 2009

The Better Half

The state of Colorado proudly boasts about it's 300+ days of sunshine a year. And to be sure, Colorado receives a ton of sunshine. Unfortunately, the mere presence of sunshine doesn't consider whatever else the weather might be doing at the time. It could be 10 degrees and sunny. It could be 50 degrees and sunny but there's sustained winds of 25 mph gusting to 75.

Sustained winds are a mixed blessing when riding outside. In a crosswind, you ride like you haven't had your V8. In a tailwind you really want to be on your way back home. In a headwind, you scream and curse Mother Nature until you're too tired to bitch anymore and slowly plod along (or maybe this is just me, but I seriously doubt it).

Today was supposed to be an easy 22-mile ride day with Master's swim tonight. Yesterday's 11.5 mile run went really well and while the legs contained some residual tiredness, they were up for the ride. Only, it was windy out. Very windy. And it kept changing directions, or at least it felt like it. It's one of those rides that was supposed to be in Z2 but in order to achieve that you have to ride in a really low gear. I knew the ride was going to take a while, so I only did it by time. It just wasn't worth it to do the full distance. The wind is blowing too strong to really get anything out of the ride other than a lesson in patience and dealing with frustration (something from which I'm sure I could benefit, however, I would rather have sat at my desk and continued to work than deal with that.

It's snowing right now so tomorrows 61-mile brick will be done mostly indoors. I won't run 10 miles on the treadmill so I'm hoping the cold front doesn't make it so cold that it's just not worth it to run outside. I'm pretty motivated though, we'll see if that holds true tomorrow.


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