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Thursday, July 5, 2012

Running Again

Two months out of surgery on my right knee and I'm up to 3/4 mile. Granted, it's at a 12:00 pace, but who cares? I'm running again and it's pain free.

After surgery on my right knee last October and before I started running again, I had an MRI done on my left knee to make sure I wouldn't make things worse by ramping up my running again. As it turned out, I had the exact same tear in my medial meniscus in my left knee that I had in my right. It wasn't as bad and the flap that had torn did not fold over on itself - which is why I never had any left knee pain - but there was some VERY minor damage in my lateral meniscus. So, when they went in for surgery they fixed both.

I was originally going to wait until this fall to have surgery on my left knee, but there really was no reason to wait any longer and it was keeping me from running so I went ahead and had it done.