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Sunday, March 8, 2009

More Wind

It seems to be a recurring theme doesn't it? This week has seen more windy days than I can remember in a long time and while it may be good training, it sure is tiring. Saturday's Z3 ride became more of a race to get back to Boulder before it started snowing. It turns out, while the fog in the foothills looked foreboding snow never actually materialized. The wind, however, never stopped materializing. In fact, it materialized in several different directions.

My ride out was in a headwind but I was going easy because I knew that I'd be able to fly when I turned around. After all, headwind going out = tailwind coming back right? I turned around about 5 miles North of 75th where it crosses 66 and prepared myself for the awesome tailwind in which I was about to ride. Any minute now, it'll kick in...any minute now...

Much to my dismay, the tailwind was not to be found and the only solace I had was that it was essentially all downhill to Hygiene and flat to Gunbarrel. My speed increased significantly from my first hour to my second hour but I don't believe it was due to any wind assistance since a large portion of that hour was in some form of head/crosswind. Riding into Gunbarrel I became rather frustrated at how difficult riding had become in the past 10-15 minutes and why I didn't seem to have any power. Riding by the fire station in Gunbarrel revealed why. There, on a flag pole, was the American flag rippling proudly in the breeze. Indicating that I was riding head on into the wind. So much for my previous equation: headwind out = tailwind back.


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