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Sunday, March 8, 2009

Bad Run, Good Run

Still tired from yesterday's ride and LATE night post-JJ Dinner festivities (we got home after midnight) I wasn't über excited or ready for today's interval run. I finally got to the gym after noon and as I turned on my Garmin I immediately received a low battery warning meaning I'd have to wing it on the distance. I swapped my dead GPS for a watch from the lost and found and away I went.

The run got better as it went on. My intervals got progressively faster. The way out was slightly uphill and into a gusting headwind (of course). But this time, when I turned around, I had a nice tailwind.

When I got back to the gym I wrote down my splits from the borrowed watch and exchanged it back for my Garmin. Earlier this evening I manually entered the split data into my training log and realized that something was wrong. I was only supposed to run 7 miles but with my splits, that meant my penultimate split meant I was running 30-minute miles. I don't even think I can walk that slow. After mapping my run on, I realized that I wound up running 8 miles instead of 7.



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