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Tuesday, March 31, 2009

More Snow Fallout - The 5-hour Trainer Ride

When it snows here in Colorado, typically, the weather that follows is clear, sunny skies with a balmy temperature of 60+ degrees. While Friday turned into this and melted a significant portion of the snow, I was not really looking forward to a 100-mile ride on roads that I now clue as to their condition. Additionally, even if some local loops proved clean enough, the prospect of doing said loops 3 or 4 times to reach 100 miles was also not very appealing. Thus, the 5-hour trainer ride was born.

In all honesty, it wasn't as bad as it sounds. I threw in the extended version of LOTR: The Two Towers, watched it all the way through (3 hours, 40 minutes) and then threw in it's successor, The Return of the King. Fast forwarding through all the Gollumy parts, i.e., slow plot parts w/ Gollum, the last 1:20 went as quickly.

Thus, at least for me, I think I've found the solution to the boredom of trainer riding: Find an epicly long movie that has stuff you really like, e.g., action sequences and before you know it, you'll be stretching, and your wife will yell down that it's 6:30 and you're meeting your sister for dinner in 30 minutes.


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