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Wednesday, February 4, 2009

The Triathlon Saga

Don't think of it as a career or job, it's a way of life where everyday is a new adventure. A new adventure in fatigue, and the occasional fantastic workout. But mainly fatigue.

It's about how far you can push yourself before your mind takes over and says "enough." It's about bonking so hard on that 40-mile ride you have to stop and fall asleep standing up over your bike on the side of the road still 10 miles from home. It's about the joy of finally getting home and passing out on the floor of the living room with a half-chewed bite of Cliff bar in your mouth and waking up an hour later with it all moist and pasty. It's about the pain when you realize that you have to be at work in an hour and you're not sure you can actually stand up.

But you awaken from your standing coma, you swallow the Cliff bar, stagger to the shower, and still put in an 8-hour shift of standing on your feet behind either the bakery counter.

That, was once a day in the life of this triathlete. I still bonk in workouts. I still pass out on the floor, albeit, without partially masticated food in my mouth. I traded the bakery counter for ultimately a life in Software Engineering. The pay is better.