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Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Rest Day!

Ah, c'est merrie.  After last nights devastating power class in which our workout profile suspiciously resembled the side view of a saw blade (and not the simple /\/\/\/\ saw blade either this was a sadistic looking one with vertical walls instead of peaks and valleys.  I'd draw a picture, but this thing doesn't support that feature.

My legs were so tired, I had to lower the LT wattage from 240 to 180 after the first main interval block.  I just had no power.  Add to that the nasty stomach bug I got suspiciously after eating lunch with my sister at Tokyo Joe's where I couldn't keep any food inside me (no, I wasn't throwing up...use your imagination) causing me to be what I can only assume to be SEVERELY dehydrated.

I'm all better now, which seems to reinforce the idea that something was in the beef bowl at Mr. Joe's.  Suffice it to say I will refrain from visiting their establishment for a while.


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