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Tuesday, April 14, 2009

A Good Training Week - So Far

This week's training, for the first time in recent memory, is going very well. Recovery ride on Monday at lunch and then a hard Master's swim practice where the coach moved me up to the fastest lane (faster than I normally do, but not with the swimming gods, they didn't show up, at least not all of them). The main set was 4x75m, 6x75m and 8x75m. The set of 4 was 25m kick, 50m swim on 1:25, the 6 were 25m drill/50m swim on 1:15, and the 8 were all swim on 1:05. Those hurt. A lot. But I hit my intervals and even got a "good job" from one of the gods in my lane.

Today's first workout was a 6-mile run w/ mile repeats. My times were 7:39, 7:02, and 6:40, but the weird thing was that the first one was by far the hardest. More intervals later on the trainer so that now, my legs are a bit fatigued. That's a lot of Z4 in one day. Luckily tomorrow's run is Z2 and I'll have most of the day to recover for tomorrow's Master's class.


  1. I better rest up so I can keep up with you tonight.You're not getting away THAT easy! Hahaha, glad your body is finally getting used to the training load, it only gets more fun from here! Will this be your first IM?