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Tuesday, April 14, 2009

From Almost Losing It - To Euphoria

After Sunday's recovery ride and botched attempt at running out side in 40-degree temperatures with an ice cold rain shower thrown in I emailed my coach my week 31 data and basically lost it. I told him I was tired all the time, the week sucked workout-wise and a lack of energy to do workouts, let alone get through them.

He did what a coach should do. He gave me a good pep talk and pointed out the positives this training season:
  • huge base miles
  • LONG workouts in a difficult time of the season
  • the 5-hour trainer ride
  • going from not running at all to running half of a 10-mile run at a sub-7:40 pace.
The last may not sound like much, but remember, this is Ironman training, not short (or even long) course training.

The result: Week 32 has started off well and continues to be a good training week.


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