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Sunday, April 26, 2009

F*#king Wind

Today's long brick was to be 68/16. Considering the race yesterday, the legs felt really good. I rode out to Carter Lake with my sister who turned around about a mile West of County Rd. 23 while I wanted to see just how full the reservoir was so I rode to the top of the dam with the expectation that I'd catch up to her somewhere on the way back to Boulder. While there was a headwind going back, it wasn't so bad as to make my 22 mile Z3 interval terrible. The problem started around Nelson and 75th when the wind (headwind, of course) picked up to about 30 mph with nasty gusts to probably 50mph.

It's not a long stretch of road from the afore mentioned intersection to Westbound Niwot Rd and 73rd but after that long of an interval it was awful and at some point, my legs became shot. Luckily I was done with the interval and had a nice cruise back to the gym, but the damage was done. I had nothing left for the run and couldn't even eek out 3 miles. A very bad omen for an Ironman.


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