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Friday, December 2, 2011

Five Weeks Post-Op

Today I'm five weeks out from knee surgery and it's doing awesome.  I started swimming again and after a hectic November travel schedule with a fifth anniversary vacation to Jamaica followed five days later by a trip to the in-laws for Thanksgiving I hope to establish more of a training routine because quite frankly I've lost my fitness and put on a little extra weight.  I'm not so much worried about the weight because it was gained from doing nothing for the first three weeks after the surgery and I gained nothing over Thanksgiving (a rare feat).  But I am disappointed about the loss of fitness because it's so damn hard to get back at first, i.e., the first week or two suck.

I remember when I took four months off after IM CDA in 2009 to let my foot fully heal that the first week or two I struggled to even run a mile.  Now that all the travelling is out of my schedule for the foreseeable future, I can start a training schedule again:  Master's swimming 2x a week and some trainer time.  I've been allowed to ride the trainer, but haven't gotten around to even setting it up yet.  This weekend for sure....along with all the other crap I have on my list.


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