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Saturday, February 5, 2011

Different Strokes

Over the past few years I've asked my Master's swim instructor about proper stroke technique.  To his credit each time he's said the same thing.  I don't know if something just finally clicked or I actually started paying attention to my stroke and applying what he said because when your stroke is on, you really move and it seems to take less effort.

He said it makes sense because when your stroke mechanics are on, you are using more than just your arms.  Your lats, back, and core all get involved and with the added muscles, you have more power and if you're rotating your body correctly, you have less drag.  I believe this is why when he gave us a 6x[100m @1:20, 75m @1:25] I was actually able to do the 100s and still get rest when normally 1:20 is way out of my league.  This was Tuesday.  Last night we had 4x300m @4:30 with increasing blocks of 25s in between.  While the 300s were on a 1:30 base, I was getting at least 10 seconds rest after each one and it was without paddles.  In fact, I didn't need paddles the entire workout - which is a first for me in a while.

I hope the speed continues in the water and carries over to my races.


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