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Thursday, June 18, 2009

The Condo

Following the directions to the resort management office, I went in and picked up the keys to our condo rental for the week. The condo, #235, is gorgeous. It's brand new and I'm almost certain we're the first tenants to rent it out from the owners. It's deep and narrow like a DC row house, but it's brand new and not from 1911. I'd give approximate measurements but given how badly I screwed up the wind turbine blades, I'll refrain from embarrassing myself again.

I emptied the Jeep in segments, first carrying everything to the elevator lobby. Then loading up the cart with the broken and flat tires into the elevator (much harder than it should have been) along with the two bikes (mine and my sister's) and the rest of the bags that didn't fit on the cart. The elevator freaked out and started screaming at me. It must have thought someone was stuck in the door because when they finally started closing, it took forever. Arriving at the second floor, I tried to empty the elevator as fast as possible to avoid it screaming at me again and while I was successful, the cart with the broken and flat tires tried very hard to remain on the elevator with all my stuff. After a bloody battle in which no lives were actually lost, I won and the cart begrudgingly allowed itself to be wheeled down the hall to unit #235 where we were going to be staying.

Dragging everything inside and to its appropriate location (as determined by me), I returned the cart with the broken and flat tires to its lair in the parking garage knowing that we would meet again in a final battle of sorts come next Tuesday when we pack up and leave.


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