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Thursday, June 25, 2009

2009 Ford Ironman Coeur d'Alene Race Report - Race Morning

We went to bed fairly early and I expected to get only a small amount of sleep. On that note, what amazes me even more about people who do Ironman races is that unless the person doing them isn't nervous or anxious at all, they're done on a ridiculously small amount of sleep. I don't recall when exactly I fell asleep, but I awoke around 1:30 knowing that I'd not get any consistent amount of sleep after that.

I don't recall tossing and turning for the next 3 hours (the alarm was set for 4:30) but I do recall waking up every so often and checking the time. I got out of bed at 4:29 before the alarm went off.

Not to be disgusting, but I had my normal morning BM and then went downstairs to choke down my normal pre-race breakfast for 70.3's and higher: whole wheat bagel with peanut butter and honey, a bottle of Ensure, and instead of water I drank my Infinit endurance drink mix for some extra calories. After breakfast, in what should have given me a warning of things to come, my second BM came rather quickly - it usually doesn't it until on the race site and I have to stand in line for the port-a-potties, which are by then, usually quite nasty. Instead of a normal BM, I had mild diarrhea.

Not thinking anything of it, I got my race gear on, and the rest of my bags together and went downstairs and soon thereafter, we were off to the race start.

I was in a very good mood and I was confident. I wasn't nervous at all and was joking around with the family even posing for pictures in my wetsuit - pictures which I'll spare you from having to view, however, my little sister has already posted them on Facebook.

The pros had already gone off by the time I was in my wetsuit and it took forever to make it to the break in the wall to get down to the beach. I went on ahead and wound up missing being able to get a good-luck kiss from my wife and to tell her I'd see her out on the bike.


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