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Wednesday, May 6, 2009

A Recovery Week - Yay!

Hooray for off weeks! I feel absolutely AWESOME. My total volume for this week is just ridiculously low compared to my on weeks. It's a fantastic chance to recover, heal, and see about fitting in a massage at some point.

So far, it's working great. I feel great and am having great workouts when I have them. In today's Master's swim class I felt absolutely awesome. And then I got totally schooled by some VERY good triathletes in my lane. Our intervals were on around 1:26-28/100m and while I was able to hold the intervals, I was NOT able to maintain contact with the others who were easily swimming sub 1:20s. As crappy as that is, I know I'm getting stronger and if you had told me in 2006 after I moved here that I'd be consistently swimming in the 1:20s I would have asked to take a toke of whatever you were smoking. But here I am, 3 years later and 40-50 seconds faster.

The only keys that currently come to mind are patience and to not be afraid to move up or down a lane to test the waters or when you need a recovery swim.


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