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Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Bolder Boulder - One Day Later

Today was a very nicely appreciated day off to let the legs recover from yesterday's 18-mile run. While they felt fine yesterday, today the legs are a little sore and a little more sore than I would have expected. However, tomorrow's lunchtime bike ride and early afternoon massage should fix that right up. I've found the best cure for sore muscles isn't a hot tub (though it feels fantastic) or a massage (ditto), or an ice bath (uh, not ditto), or Advil (but it does help), but actually an easy workout on the bike (for legs) and an easy swim in the pool (for arms). Nothing hard at all, all Z1, maybe Z2, just get the HR up and blood flowing through the muscles. And follow it up with a good stretch.

We'll see if I have anything left after tomorrow's ride and massage to go swimming afterward.


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