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Thursday, December 16, 2010

The Last Run

I went on my last run at lunch today; my last run because my last day is tomorrow.

It was cold out but wasn't unbearable in the sun.  And after I started my intervals, I stopped feeling the cold.

Afterwards it felt weird to finish cleaning out my locker in a room that used to be our janitor's closet but was now our company locker room (complete with showers).  The vultures started circling and contacting me several days ago inquiring as to the availability of my locker.  We now have over 100 employees and only 12 lockers.  Locker space wasn't such a problem when there were only 30 of us.

The way to leave a company is definitely to start taking your stuff home with you at least a week in advance.  Tomorrow, I leave with what I came with, and just an external hard drive, a coffee mug, and the water bottle sitting on my desk.  I wish I could take my dual monitors, but I think my new company gives developers dual monitors so my withdrawal won't be for long.


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